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Halfway through our first term at Stagecoach

by Clare Mansell
Halfway through our first term at Stagecoach

Yes I know what you are thinking… Halfway? Surely you are nearly all the way through the term! And yes this halfway report is a little late, but I don’t think I’m the only one to be caught out by an early Easter and a short term.

So lets gloss over the fact that Saturday is the last Stagecoach session of this term and turn ourselves to the matter in hand?

I can now confess that when we were first offered the Ambassador role for Theo, I had my doubts. Yes we are a theatre loving family, but I didn’t see ourselves as Theatre School Parents. I thought those kind of parents were the ones who were quite posh and quite pushy and just… not us. I also felt slightly apprehensive when I discovered we had to buy special footwear and a t-shirt. Specialist clothing in our family extends to wellies or perhaps a bike hat on a good day, but never before has it included “jazz shoes!”

However I felt curious enough to dip our toe in the water and almost as soon as I told anyone Theo was going to be attending, my view of Stagecoach started to change.

Some of the nicest, most normal people I know (two from our Cake Club) send or sent their kids to Stagecoach. One of the other Reception children in his school goes and without exception everyone raved about it. One of the aforementioned Cake Club ladies sent her son to classes for 9 years and credits it with turning him into a happy confident teen. Those are some pretty sound recommendations!

So as we approach the end of our first term, what has it been like? Theo has been attending one of the Early Stages sessions and is (I believe) the youngest in his group. It’s been hard at times to extract from him exactly what he’s been doing for an hour and a half every Saturday. Sometimes at home he’d start singing a song and we’d immediately say “Is that something you learned at Stagecoach?” only to have him tell us he learned it at school, not at Stagecoach…

So last weekend I took the opportunity to spend the afternoon filming Theo’s session and I also interviewed the Stagecoach Principal and I came away from it finally understanding what it was all about. The children are all so happy and confident and there’s something quite exciting about seeing young children doing a dance routine together (even if they aren’t perfect) you’ll also see from the interview that despite his age, Theo is confident enough to hold his own in an interview. Not pushy, just confident… I hope!

On Saturday they’ll be doing their end of term show and I’ll report back on that too in a few weeks…

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Nancy March 20, 2016 - 7:57 pm

I absolutely agree with the benefit of theatre groups. It builds the ability for public speaking, team work and being on task. All my girls participated in Unicorn Theatre which was a volunteer program with a high level of parent involvement – as a person newly moved to the area I had the opportunity to meet other parents. We made sets, sold tickets etc. My children also did a lot of extra public speaking – mostly in their second language French. It took my 3 very introverted girls and created confident young women.

My Two Mums - Kirsty March 30, 2016 - 12:56 pm

I’d love M to do something like this. He loves singing and dancing. You’ve made such a great little video. Your little man is ace!


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