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Alice at five months

by Clare Mansell
Alice at five months

I missed last month’s update and had every intention of letting the baby diary tail off until I got a telling off from Jim! So I’m back again with two months combined. Despite the best of intentions I simply do not take a note of Alice’s developmental progress without this blog to prompt me and although I believe I will remember things, they just disappear into the ether.


At five months Alice is now developing rapidly. She is quite vocal and loves attracting people’s attention with high pitched squeals and shouts. She is especially fond of her brother who is still besotted by her and spends about an hour in the mornings sitting in her cot, playing next to her or chatting to her.

Her first tooth appeared about two weeks ago and was spotted not by me, but by a mum at the school gate! The tooth arrival coincided with the introduction of her first solid food which after a hesitant start for the first few days, she took to with huge enthusiasm and now she cannot get enough of it. She closely monitors everybody else eating and sits in her chair like a little bird with her mouth open begging for food. We’ve tried her on apple, pear, carrot, baby porridge and banana so far.


Currently she has solids at 11am and again at about 4:30pm with five bottles a day, although we are trying to wean her off the night feed which we wake her for when we go to bed. We’re down to 90ml and will probably cut back to 60ml and then drop it entirely.

I’ve mentioned before that Alice was diagnosed with Talipes (otherwise known as club foot) at her six week check and earlier this month my mum, who was concerned we weren’t getting enough treatment, prompted me to do some research on the condition. It turns out that there is Talipes and there is Talipes and more specifically I had missed the subtle but crucial distinction between Positional Talipes (which Alice has) and Structural Talipes. The former which is muscle related requires gentle exercises and sometimes self-corrects. The latter which involves the bone, requires plaster casts, operations and the feet to be braced in position for many years. As you can imagine we were quite relieved to discover her type shouldn’t need serious intervention.

Alice isn’t sitting up yet, but does strain to try and sit up when she’s lying on her back (as if that’s going to happen!) I held her in the sitting position in the bath this evening and she had a fantastic time splashing around. I feel she’ll be much happier when she can self support and be more involved in what’s going on.

We’ve tried her in the door bouncer a couple of times and I also caved in and bought a second hand Jumperoo which does buy a few minutes hands free in the afternoons. Personality wise she certainly seems like quite a strong and determined character who loves food and company. If she keeps that up I think she’ll fit in with the rest of us just fine!

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Pamela | Life With Munchers March 31, 2016 - 8:09 pm

What a little honey pie! She’s super cute! We seem to have been waiting for a tooth forever…getting all the pain, but nothing! xx

karen April 7, 2016 - 7:25 pm

Oh my goodness, she has grown up fast. 5 months and first tooth x


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