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What Stagecoach and the Apple keynote have in common

by Clare Mansell
What Stagecoach and the Apple keynote have in common

Last term Theo started weekly Early Stages classes at our local Stagecoach Theatre Arts school. Halfway through the term I interviewed the Principal to get a better understanding of why so many parents believe that drama, singing and dancing classes provide vital life skills for kids.


At the start of term I would have described us as theatre fans in a very general sense. However I still believed that theatre school was something that you did because you wanted your child to be famous. Three months on and after that interview with the Principal, I have a very different view and it was partly at least due to the Apple keynote…

For those of you who don’t know what the Apple Keynote is, it’s an annual(ish) presentation by the Apple corporation where they release new products. Until 2011 it was usually hosted by Steve Jobs and now it’s Tim Cook the Chief Executive Officer of Apple who stands on stage for an hour doing his solo presentation.

This year I decided to watch the whole Keynote on the live stream on the Apple website and I was entranced by it. Whether you are a fan of Apple or not, it’s hard not to be impressed by the slick way they announce their new lines.  Tim Cook is a business man, but he’s also undeniably a theatre performer. Would he have reached the top of a major tech company if he was a quiet retiring technical guy? I doubt it.

Although his performance was undoubtedly rehearsed and the audiences responses probably prompted, he delivered his presentation with utter confidence. He paused for laughs in the right places and he looked relaxed throughout, not an easy trick to pull off when you are being streamed live around the world!

So next term we are going back to Stagecoach, Theo has loved his first term and now we are keen for him to continue. It’s not because we want him to have a career in the arts, but because I honestly believe that in this increasingly competitive jobs market confidence is vital because you never know where life might lead you… even to silicon valley!

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