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DIY Poundland bird feeder

by Clare Mansell
DIY Poundland bird feeder

We’ve never been particularly successful feeding the birds in our garden until recently. Theo went to an activity morning at a local organic growers over Easter and came back with a simple pinecone bird feeder and decided he wanted to hang it in a totally different spot in the garden to our other bird feeder. Within hours the local blue tit population had made it their favourite new feeding spot and we had to go out and buy a peanut feeder to keep it company.

When the pinecone feeder was empty, Theo wanted to make another, but really you need open pinecones for the idea to work best and the ones that are around in spring are tightly closed, so we started looking for other things to use.


This DIY project uses a tealight holder from Poundland which can be washed and reused when the birds have emptied it. Great fun to make and so far quite popular with the birds too. Poundland also sell bird seed and you can get vegetable suet from any supermarket. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated and has a long shelf life.


Making the feeder is a perfect messy hands on job for kids and is best done outside where any wasted ingredients will get eaten up and don’t have to be swept off the kitchen floor! Simply combine the suet and seeds in a bowl…


Squeeze the combined suet and seed mix together into clumps and stuff into your tealight holder…


Find a sturdy stick from the garden and push it through the feeder to provide a perch for birds. If you live in a windy spot, you might want to replace the string that holds the feeder with a bit of garden wire so that it doesn’t spin around too much in the breeze.

After hanging it in place you need lots of warm water and soap to clean up those suety hands!


If you follow this tutorial please let me know, I’d love to see your feeders.

PS –  please be aware if you reuse your feeder it is recommended that you wash it outside so you don’t introduce germs in to your house.

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