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Repurposing our downstairs bathroom

by Clare Mansell
Repurposing our downstairs bathroom

The rooms in our home have served many purposes since it was built a hundred years ago. Until 2014 it was a single storey bungalow and the main bathroom was in a space off the kitchen, but once we added a first floor and two extra bathrooms, this downstairs washing facility was not really needed and the bath was taking up a lot of floor space which could be better used.


The problem was that ripping it out wasn’t a small job. The tiling on the wall and floor didn’t run under or behind the bath, so ripping it out would leave a big messy space and the other thing was that the bath was occasionally useful, when we washed the dogs.

So between us we came up with a plan. Jim bought a length of ply which he mounted on wooden strips so it would fit on top of bath (the bath top wasn’t completely flat as the rim of it is raised). He cut out a space for the taps and a small hole as a handle so it could be lifted on and off. Then he mounted three bits of wood block along the edge to stop anything placed on top sliding off. The edging which faces the room is actually made from a couple of panels of laminate flooring we had left over from the cabin.


Then it was my turn to do the second part of the transformation. We had an old cot mattress in the loft which happened to fit the ply bath top perfectly. I made a zipped cover for it using old curtain fabric and we slotted it in to place.


The first response most people give when they see this set up is they think it’s a massage or therapy table. It’s not.

This rather luxurious (but quite cheap to build) set-up is actually an over bath dog bed…


The bath still gets used once a month or so…


And when it’s not being used for dog washing the space under the cover is now rather useful storage for our the cushions for our garden furniture.

Most importantly though when we go out, we are able to shut the dogs in a small space off the kitchen, rather than letting them have free run of the whole space. When you have a large Canadian dog and a food stealing Beagle (who often work as a team) this kind of enclosed space is extremely handy. It’s also noticeable that the dogs seem to be quite happy to go in the room now that they have a rather large and comfortable bed!

This room repurpose was made possible by Ocean Finance who provided us with a financial gift to spend on a treat for our dogs.

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Donna April 29, 2016 - 9:02 pm

This is a genius idea! It’s like the sod’s bedroom – does he use the toilet too?! x


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