She Shed makeover complete!

Finally a little later than planned (isn’t that always the case?) my She Shed makeover is finished! A few of you remarked that you liked the existing layout, but the inside needed repainting and once I started that it seemed logical to plan the use of the space inside a little better too…


Other than redoing the paint job there were a couple of specific things I wanted to do differently in this space. I needed some sort of mini photo studio, to put all the sewing equipment in one spot and to try and fit a sofa in. We achieved it… and a bit more!

Before I show you photos I just want to say a huge thank you to Jim. I come up with the crazy ideas and he has to execute them, which he (mostly) does without grumbling. I’m very lucky to have him.


Across one end I now have a two and a half metre desk which is made from an Ikea Karlby worktop with 40cm wide Metod kitchen units. It’s 90cm high which means you can work at it standing as well as sitting. I’m currently using a bar stool from our kitchen to sit on, but I intend to get a “beauty stool” which raises and lowers but has wheels to scoot about on. The positioning of the desk means I am now sewing next to the window, which makes sense in every respect. I reused some of the storage I had before and that’s now on the far right of the desk.

As you can see I managed to find a sofa! It’s a Klippan and I got it on eBay for £20. I was expecting it to be dirty and needing a new cover, but it was immaculate! It’s spent the last few weeks in our sitting room waiting to be moved in here and I think we are rather going to miss having it in the house!


Next to the sofa is my chalk paint wicker chair. Loads of seating for friends to pop over and do crafty stuff…


…Or for a film night! Yes, you may have already spotted it, but we’ve managed to fit a projector in. The joke is we’ve actually had this projector sitting in the loft for the last 3 years and I would have sold it were it not for the fact it’s not worth much. I’m really glad we hung on to it. Obviously you have to rearrange the furniture a bit to watch films, but the sound and picture are awesome!

So at the other end of the cabin we have a projector screen. Except it’s actually a black out blind… Same thing, but cheaper!


It serves two purposes. The first is to watch films on (when it goes all the way down the wall and we move the table) and the second is as a photo backdrop…


I’m really pleased with how it has turned out and can’t wait to have some time to put the new spaces to practical use…

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