Home Life Project – May

This weekend has been a really hectic one for us. We only had about two hours across the weekend where we were all in the same location, so taking photos this month was my hardest challenge yet. Alice stayed away at her cousins for two nights, Theo for one and Jim and I had a night away (whoop!) at a friend’s birthday.

I chose to document Saturday which begun with a monthly work party in our local community woodland. Theo found a really large woodlouse who he named Ben, and there were cakes at tea break!

homelife_may1homelife_may4homelife_may6_edithomelife_may3homelife_may5After the work party I finished off a birthday t-shirt (blog post coming about these soon) and went and got my hair cut. I went to a new salon, so thought I’d better leave the camera at home! homelife_may2

Then we stopped at my sister’s for an hour to drop Theo off and see Alice who was enjoying her new retro bargain buggy in the garden…


And finally we drove on to the hotel for G&T and a quick change before the party…


I’m hoping next month is a slightly quieter weekend!

Home Life Photography Project

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