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The Year In Books – The Forgetting Time

by Clare Mansell

My choice for April was The Forgetting Time by Sharon Guskin. I actually picked the book up in Tesco as a Mother’s Day present for my mum and she then passed it on to me after really enjoying it herself. The plot centres on Noah a four year-old boy who “wants to go home” despite the fact he’s already there. What follows is the slow realisation that Noah has lived a previous life and that in order to help him recover from his recurrent and nightmares and fear of water his mother must help him trace his previous family.


Running parallel to Noah and his mother’s story is the story of a psychologist with a degenerative disease who needs one last case study for his book on reincarnation. It doesn’t all slot neatly in to place immediately and there are a few false starts but eventually there’s a journey and a revelation. I won’t say too much because I don’t want to give away the plot completely!

The novel does require a certain suspension of disbelief or perhaps just a willingness to go in with an open mindset, but none of that restricted my enjoyment and I found it particularly poignant to read as I have a child of the same age as Noah. In fact I started to look at Alice in a rather different way after I read it and it made me wonder if sometimes she’s trying to tell me she’s been here before!

Because the storyline involves such a clear mystery from the very beginning I found it a very easy read and really looked forward to knowing what I’d discover with each days reading. Finding a book in Tesco may not be a good indication of literary quality exactly, but I do think they have quite a stringent filter to ensure they pick hit books and this one certainly fitted the bill. You can probably expect to see a few people reading it on holiday this year!

This month I’ve got a book I’m reviewing for Amazon. The Curious Charms Of Arthur Pepper by Paedra Patrick seems to be following a recent trend for older protagonists in novels (Etta and Otto and Russell and James immediately springs to mind as another) I don’t think it’s going to be an amazing read, but it’s pretty pleasant and easy so far.

Please share what you are reading at the moment in the comments below, I’m always after ideas for what to read next and if you are on Good Reads please send me a friend request.

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