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How to design your own business cards

by Clare Mansell
How to design your own business cards

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about how to design your own blogger business card and as blogging conference season is approachin, I thought I’d revisit that post and offer a few tips for designing business cards not just for bloggers, but for anyone with a small business.

It can be very daunting starting out with two blank canvases and trying to envisage what you want your design to look like, but there are so many amazing tools available online that the process doesn’t need to be daunting.


  • Use a template – Most big printing companies will offer a free downloadable template which you can use in Photoshop or Illustrator as a starting point for your design. Moo.com’s product templates are here and don’t worry if you decide to use a different company to print your product. Most business cards are the same size and the bleed and trim areas will be similar.
  • Use Pinterest for inspiration – One of the useful things I learned when I studied Graphic Design is that looking at other people’s work is not about stealing ideas, it’s a vital and encouraged part of the design process.  So don’t try and come up with ideas from a standing start, have a look around at what other people have done first.
  • Download typefaces for free – Use websites like dafont.com to download typefaces for free which you can use in your design software. Just make sure you check the terms of the licence. Some are free, some require donation and some are “personal use only”
  • Know what file format to save in – Most printing companies suggest a PDF file in CKMY colour mode for the best quality results
  • Don’t go for the most obvious printer – Printing is a really competitive business and if you search there are some great deals out there. I was originally quoted £45-£55 for 100 business cards and eventually paid £16.90 to get them from Banana Print and had them delivered within 48 hours. Although you can’t predict printing quality when you buy online, you can check the card weight that you are being offered. 350gsm is pretty standard for business cards.
  • Don’t print too many – I have never made it to the end of a pack of business cards, something always changes. Whether it’s my phone number,
  • Stick to standard dimensions – If you hand out a round one or a square one, you might get a good reaction, but if you have a business card holder or a purse, the damn things don’t fit in them and risk getting lost.
  • Remember less is more – If in doubt, make the card really really simple. Stick to two colours and one or two typefaces and centre everything
  • If you still can’t do it yourself – Head to Etsy or PeoplePerHour to find someone who will either sell you a template (to alter yourself) or design the who thing for you. and charge less than a printing firm. Templates cost as little as £5 and some sellers will customise and print.
  • Use Canva – If you still don’t have ideas or you find the design work too complicated, don’t forget you can use the templates on Canva to create a professional looking design. Some are free, others are paid for.


Now a few tips for blogger cards…

  • Include your profile picture… if you want to – In our image focussed social media world your face is part of your brending so it makes sense to stick it on your card so people can cross reference as they look you up online. Or of course you can be like me and ignore that advice just because you don’t like handing out cards with your face on them.
  • Don’t spam people with social media usernames – We are all everywhere, but most of us are stronger (or just keener) on certain channels than others so rather than filling the back of your card with every social media username you have, just include the important ones. Twitter, Instagram and whatever else floats your boat Snapchat? YouTube?
  • Don’t forget QR codes – You can get one for free here
  • Remember you niche – Parent blogger? Travel blogger? Every brand needs a line that sums up what they do, make sure yours is on the card

Did you find this post useful or do you have any questions? If so let me know in the comments.

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mummyofboygirltwins May 22, 2016 - 12:14 pm

Thanks for sharing, such a cool idea and saves a lot on printing costs buying them online! I need to get some new ones made so this is perfect xx

Jenny March 5, 2019 - 5:12 pm

Thank you! In our industry, we know that you only get a few crucial seconds to make a good impression and engage potential customers. We aim to help you make the best of it!


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