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Haslemere Classic Car Show & Tour

by Clare Mansell
Haslemere Classic Car Show & Tour

Last spring we bought a 1969 Morris Minor Traveller as our second car. As well as being exceptionally cheap to run and reliable, she’s also introduced us to the world of classic car tours and shows. Last summer we dipped our toe into the water with one show in Chichester and a day at the Goodwood Revival and this summer we’re intending to do a few more, the first of which was the Haslemere Classic Car show which took place this weekend.

dressed for the era for teh Haslemere Classic Car Show

The format for the day was to meet the other hundred odd cars taking part at 9am, then head off for a tour round the countryside (destination unknown till you collect the instructions on the day) including a pit stop for coffee, returning to the start for the car show in the afternoon.

In keeping with the classic style of motoring you have a passenger (me!) to play the role of navigator following the ‘Tulip’ style instructions for the route and clocking the miles along the way. In theory you are following the rest of the group, but you can’t rely on keeping them in sight at all times, in fact we managed to lose almost everyone on the way back!

Along the way you generally get a lovely reception from people who suddenly find they have a stream of classics passing their front door and the occasional bad tempered driver who finds he has a stream of classics all going one way past him down a country lane, fortunately the former normally outnumber the latter several times over!

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For Sunday’s trip we decided to dress era appropriate as we planned to enter the Best Dressed Driver and Car category, something we sadly didn’t manage as by the time we returned all the spaces were taken. Nonetheless we still had a great day, with a lovely stop for coffee in the sunshine at the Goodwood motor circuit and a chance to see a stunning selection of retro motors.

As I’m determined to make an effort to record more of our family days out, I also shot a vlog of the car tour which will give you a good idea of what it was like to take part, including being filmed by a drone and watching rollerskating on the Goodwood racetrack. It’s six minutes, but tightly edited so hopefully an enjoyable watch. If you like it please do subscribe to my youtube channel to see more videos when I upload them…

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Dawn May 31, 2016 - 8:09 pm

What a great day and fantatstic sunshine. Great video, gives a real flavour of what it’s like. shame you didn’t get to enter the best dressed category that does is fab. There’s always next year 🙂


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