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Mini Street Style Review

by Clare Mansell
Mini Street Style Review

A few weeks ago I discovered Mini Street Style, a brand of children’s clothing which unusually encourages its customers to engage in the design process of each season’s collections via voting and feedback.

Mini Street Style review

The clothes are all inspired by London and international street style and every quarter they produce three ranges of kids fashion, Sports Deluxe, London Eccentric and Vintage. I loved the idea of getting customer’s to vote on which lines go into production and was keen to see what the clothes were like.

Founder Ruth Peters says she really wanted to make Mini Street Style a social experience and loves the fact that people are starting to engage with the brand.


The current range has a strong geometric theme with bold colours and camo prints. There are skirts, dresses and leggings for girls and t-shirts, sweatpants and jackets for boys, but a lot of the items (with a few obvious exceptions) are unisex. The range is limited with only 28 items in the current season, but the idea is a strong one and I hope that as the brand grows they’ll be able to diversify their offering.

Theo was kindly sent a pair of the Mi sweatpants (£29.99) and the Camo Bomber (£38.99) to try, both made from 100% cotton and both comfortable and well made.



Although Theo’s not 5 for a few months, he is quite tall so I requested age 5-6 on both his garments. The bomber jacket was a perfect fit, but the sweatpants came up a little long, though I was able to turn over the waistband to shorten them a bit and the length hasn’t deterred him from wearing them…. or practicing his street dance moves on the mean streets of rural West Sussex (whilst Jim kept one eye out for any approaching farm machinery).


Though the range is a little limited at the moment, it is great to see a children’s brand thinking innovatively about how they design their items and engaging with their customers to help the company grow. I’ll be watching Mini Street Style’s Instagram feed and their website to watch as they grow.

You can get an incredible 40% off Mini Street Style clothes by using the code “maybushstudio” on their website.

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Donna June 8, 2016 - 9:57 pm

He is such a dude! Love the clothes, so bright and colourful x


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