Growing rabbit proof salad with Habitat

Over the last few summers we’ve made various attempts to grow vegetables in our garden. The first summer in our house we had a complete disaster when I planted out dozens of tiny little plants I’d nurtured from seed in our raised bed and then saw them obliterated overnight by the local wildlife. The next summer we tried slightly planting in troughs, but the rabbits were still able to reach the leaves to nibble the plants, so we gave up.

Then this summer I had an idea. If we planted lettuces in window boxes then surely nothing would be able to reach them? Our galvanised steel window boxes were gifted to us by Habitat. They are perfect for our coastal location as they are both contemporary and weather proof. They don’t have any drainage holes and initially I was worried the lettuces might become waterlogged, but as we were hanging them under the overhang of the cabin roof we thought they were unlikely to get too sodden.

We planted the first window box two weeks ago and it has grown at an astonishing rate… with no interference from rabbits!


I was fixated on saving the plants from the rabbits and what I hadn’t anticipated was that they wouldn’t be interferred with by any slugs either, so all the leaves are in perfect condition too without a mark on them. Who knew that lettuces love window boxes so much?

After only a fortnight, we were able to start harvesting our first few lettuce leaves this weekend, served in a lovely bamboo salad bowl…


The perfect accompaniment to lasagne on a summer’s evening…


Nothing beats salad leaves plucked fresh from the garden, they are so much tastier and healthier than the chlorine rinsed bags you get from the supermarket (I should know, I’ve had to eat them for the last few years!)

If you have been defeated by rabbits until now, don’t give up! These Holt window boxes are actually in the Habitat sale at the moment reduced from £35 to only £10.50 (A wet summer does have some advantages and good discounts on garden stuff is one of them!) we might get another one for growing herbs by the kitchen!

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