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Mid-century eyeball lamp review

by Clare Mansell
Mid-century eyeball lamp review

It’s funny how you can be fairly oblivious to the existence of a design and then once you are aware of it you start seeing it popping up everywhere! Until our replica eyeball desk lamp arrived a couple of weeks ago I’d never seen another one, but the moment it was in the house it started popping up in films and on tv.

My first sighting of it was in a brilliant movie Once (a 2007 film I stumbled across on Amazon Prime which has a great soundtrack) where Glen Hansard’s character has one in his bedroom. A week later I saw a floor standing eyeball lamp in the Good Wife when Alicia transform’s Zach’s bedroom into her new office.


Given it’s so far weekly appearance on tv, I think it’s probably fair to say that the eyeball lamp is a design icon, which would be appropriate as it’s this month’s review item from Iconic Lights.

The design of this 60s inspired lamp means the head can be moved up and down the top half of the central column and angled to different positions, making it equally good for reading and for lighting up a wall.

A second thing I noticed about this lamp is… and I know it’s not popular to divide by gender… that it is very much a boy lamp. If you’d asked me to pick a lamp for a teenage boy, I would have struggled until now, but there’s something about this design (and it’s not just the colour) that makes it feel like it belongs in a teen boy’s bedroom.


The retro eyeball lamp comes in three colours, red, white and black and is available for £22 from Iconic Lights. As is often the case with some of the more quirky designs it’s worth buying the bulb (and spares) at point of purchase so you don’t struggle to find one that fits!


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The Reading Residence August 4, 2016 - 3:13 pm

Oh, I love it! There is something so appealing about the design, and yes I know what you mean about it being perfect for a teen’s room.


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