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Dip dye high chair makeover

by Clare Mansell
Dip dye high chair makeover

I don’t know what it is with me and varnish this week, but it’s almost like I’m wandering round the house looking for wooden things to cover in paint! This week’s second makeover is my childhood high chair which has been in the family for many years and is currently used by Theo.

He has been asking for it to be painted red since he was old enough to speak, so I thought I’d finally grant him his wish, except that as soon as I said I’d spray it red he added another condition. He now wanted it red and pink!

Fortunately his two tone colour request is bang on trend and there are loads of inspiring ideas on Pinterest for how you can colour furniture using two shades of paint, although I have to admit I have only seen it done using sharply contrasting colours and never with spray paint. I decided to see it the latter was even possible…

dipdye-collageL to R HGTV Magazine / Casa De Lewis / 551 East

So here’s what the chair looked like pre-makeover. Well loved, but in need of TLC…


I sanded it down and used masking tape to cover the parts of the chair I wanted to be pink, then I sprayed it with Novasol Pinty Plus in Flame Red RAL 3000. The key to using spray paint successfully is to be patient and apply several light layers building up as you go.

The Pinty Plus Evolution paint dries almost instantly so you don’t have to be very patient. The biggest problem I have is applying a coat and then getting distracted and forgetting to apply the next one!

A few coats down the line I removed the masking tape and reapplied it (and a blanket) to the painted section.


This second step was not straight forward and although using spray paint for the main body was easy and gave a lovely finish, using spray paint for the “dipped” parts was more tricky! The masking tape lifted off some of the red paint and the pink paint sneaked into places where you wouldn’t think it was possible for it to get to, so the finish is not perfect.


However because the Evolution paint colours are RAL colours finding a small pot of matching colour to touch up small bits with a brush should be straight forward. You can see the whole transformation in the short video below and please if you like the video, consider subscribing to my channel or leaving a comment on youtube. It’s really appreciated.

This makeover was made possible by my continuing relationship with novasolspray.co.uk

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