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Our Water Babies swimming class experience

by Clare Mansell
Our Water Babies swimming class experience

When we visited Eurocamp in June one of the free activities we tried as a family were the Learn To Swim classes. At the time Alice was only 7 months old and we were actually trying to get Theo to swim, not her, but she surprised us all by being noticeably confident and enthusiastic in the pool, so much so that the teacher asked us how many lessons she’d already had! When we came home and I had the best of intentions to embrace her enthusiasm and enroll her in some baby swim classes, but somehow never got round to it… until fate intervened and Water Babies asked me to try lessons with them for a term.

national baby swimming week

I had no idea what to expect, I sort of vaguely new of Water Babies because of their famous photos of babies swimming underwater, but I didn’t know how that fitted into the curriculum or how early babies can start swimming. We’ve been attending lessons for a couple of months now and Alice has risen to every challenge thrown at her. I had dreaded the thought of going to a massive public pool with tiny cubicles and so was pleased and relieved to discover my local classes are held at a rather exclusive health club with a view of the golf course. I won’t lie, it’s still pretty exhausting wrestling a baby into and out of swimwear once a week, but at least I get to do it in very nice surroundings and big cubicles!

This week is National Baby Swimming Week and so I’m sharing my thoughts and experiences on the classes so far in the video below. We started at the very beginning in September with the tiny babies and then moved up to Chapter 5 with the babies who are one year and older so I’ve seen quite a broad spectrum of teaching.

When I was talking to Water Babies last week they mentioned some statistics they had about the large number of children who start primary school not being able to swim and it really hit a chord because Theo is a year into school and we still haven’t cracked it with him, despite having access to a family pool in the summer. My blogging partnership with Water Babies will end in a couple of weeks, but we have already decided to stay on as paying customers to give Alice the best possible chance of swimming independently as soon as she’s able.

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