Guest bedroom makeover – Part 1

Early next year we will be doing something we’ve never done before, we’re handing over our home and our dogs to housesitters and this impending arrival of guests from outside the family has suddenly spurred us into sorting out our guest bedroom. The room is ok as it is, but lacks a double bed and storage and could definitely be more welcoming.

There were also some more practical problems we had to tackle immediately. A quirk of the plumbing meant that when the loo was flushed the water in the trap below the shower was pulled through the pipes leaving it to dry out and rather unpleasantly the smell of the drains then started to invade the room . After years of the problem bugging me (and us resorting to covering the shower drain with parcel tape) when we knuckled down and realised we now had to solve it, it ended up being a 20 minute job with Jim fitting a valve to an outside pipe. With the drains fixed we could then move on to thinking about what we wanted the room to look like…


Aside from swapping the single bed for a double, we also need to add a wardrobe and give the room a cohesive theme. The bedroom window looks out on the back of our garage and a brick wall, so we’ll be looking at ways to improve that view perhaps with some DIY outside wall art and/or some clever planting. The room is also full of stuff at the moment, so we’ll need to find a home for things like the garden furniture cushions and the laundry baskets and airer.

There are one or two niggly dull DIY jobs to do too, I need to fix the curtain track as the pully is broken, the plaster on the ceiling is damaged in one spot (a side effect of putting an extra storey on the house two years ago!) and the shower controls are missing a small but irritating part of the facia.

So here’s a look at the room in all its very real and cluttered glory. It’s not huge, but big enough.


During the makeover I shall wherever possible be reusing, DIYing and seeking out bargains. We’ve already done a deal with my sister by agreeing to swap the sofa bed from my office for a double pine bed she had, along with a tin of paint and a bedside lamp! I’m now in the process of sanding down the double bed (headboard part is done, footboard and side parts still to do) and then I’ll paint it white.


I’m not sure if starting with the biggest pat of the bed was a really good or really bad idea. It’s taken me about a fortnight to recover from doing the first part, using a sander has a way of making every muscle in your body ache. Later today I’ll be tackling the footboard.

And finally here’s the Pinterest board that I’m collecting my ideas on…

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