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Our new DIY veranda

by Clare Mansell

Last month I shared some photos of our front door makeover, which was part one of a three step project to finish the front of our house properly. Part two involved building a small decking area under our veranda and for part three we will be building a new path to the front door.


The veranda was added two years ago as part of the makeover/renovation of our house and until now we’ve just had the ground underneath covered with gravel. It was a cheap and quick temporary solution, but both children liked digging around in it and the gravel got everywhere, so it wasn’t great. The newly painted door looked so good that it inspired us to bump the veranda up the list of DIY jobs and get it sorted over half-term while Jim was off work.

In an ideal world we would have chosen to build out of composite decking which has a 25 year guarantee, but wood was so much cheaper we decided to use that. This area is protected from the worst of the weather by being under cover, so we hope it should last a decent length of time.

Here’s what the area looked like before…



Our wood for the project came on the back of a lorry from our local timber merchants. They also supplied a lot of the materials for the house renovation and all the turf when we did our garden, so we seem to spend a lot of time with one of their lorries outside our house!


The first part of building the deck involved laying out a timber grid to lay the deck on.


When it was all built we stained it. We chose black because we are hoping to build a much larger deck round the corner from this which we will build from composite. We’d like the two to match and black (rather than a shade of brown) is therefore our best bet for a close colour match. The staining required three coats with 24 hours between each. Jim did the first and I did the last two. When I did the final coat I heaped on everything I had left in the tin and it took about a week to dry, during which time Jim sat on it (ahhh!) and the children walked across it!


As part of the project we also bought a wood store, which we had initially planned to put on the deck, but it took up way too much room, so we moved the bulk of the logs with the store round to the side of our house. We kept a few as a token display at the front and added some of our garden furniture.

And here’s the finished result. I’d been hoping for some nice weather to take some slightly more “styled” photos, but I don’t think it’s going to happen this week!


The wall mounted stag head was part of my Christmas haul from HomeSense, but I think it’ll be a permanent feature.


In the spring I plan to plant out the area directly in front of the deck and find a more attractive dog bed for our Canadian pooch to sit in!

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Donna November 21, 2016 - 4:51 pm

Your house looks beautiful! What a great addition to the front of the house – good job done x


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