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DIY paint tester pot doormat

by Clare Mansell
DIY paint tester pot doormat

Those of you who follow me on Facebook might remember that I shared a photo of a multi-coloured duckboard door mat a few weeks ago and said what a great use of our left over tester pots it would be. Well in the end I decided the duckboard probably wouldn’t stand up to all the toing and froing in our house and so instead decided to try the same treatment on a £6 coir mat


Just to bring everyone up to speed, we are two thirds of the way through sprucing up the front of our house. We’ve already had the varnished door painted and built a deck under our veranda and next on the list is redoing the path to the front door. Our house may look new, but underneath the facade parts of it are 100 years-old and there is still a long list of jobs to do on the older parts of the house.

Soooo… With the path still looking a little errr.. Bare? Ugly? Something! I thought an outside doormat would be a great way to spruce things up. The process was pretty simple, literally took about 20 minutes from start to finish and was great fun. I begun by using masking tape to section off randomly spaced stripes. I deliberately didn’t want to make them even, in case they turned out not even (if you follow the logic!)


The Little Greene paints were water based which meant that I could wash the brushes easily between colours,, the Dulux ones were not, so rather recklesly I just wiped the brushes off on kitchen roll between colours and miraculously got away with it.


The end result isn’t perfect by any means, but it does really make me smile every time I open the door! It’s a rather joyous riot of colour that makes me think of all the shades we nearly painted our door…


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