Behind the scenes at a Water Babies underwater photo shoot (video)

It never ceases to amaze me how two children in the same family can be so different. Whilst Theo still hasn’t cracked swimming (despite classes and lots of encouragement) it was obvious even when Alice was eight months old that water was something she loved. I wish I could go back to the lovely teacher who gave Alice her first (free) taster session at Eurocamp in June and tell her what an incredible journey she started her on.

Shortly after we came back from France and whilst we were considering how and when we start Alice doing ‘proper’ swimming lessons, Water Babies got in touch and offered her a term’s tuition. In truth I had dreaded swimming lessons because I had a fixed idea of them being held in a huge public swimming pool with cramped echoey changing rooms, but the Water Babies classes were at a local health club with a view of a golf course and a lovely cafe next door, so how could I say no!


After completing that first term it was obvious we’d be mad to take Alice out of the lessons as she was thriving and learning so much, she spent half the lesson laughing and the other half kicking and splashing in excitement! So these days we are happy paying customers of Water Babies West Sussex, but before our first term finished we had one more opportunity with the company, we got to try out one of their famous underwater photo shoots.

If you’ve ever wondered how they achieve the consistently stunning images of babies immersed in water (with no adult supporting them) then you can finally see how in this video. I have a huge amount of respect for the photographer who photographs babies, in water… whilst holding his breath!

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