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Free downloadable Christmas wine labels for teachers

by Clare Mansell
Free downloadable Christmas wine labels for teachers

I like to keep it really simple for teachers at the end of term, so I mostly buy them wine. I figure if they’ve been teaching for any length of time they must already have a whole houseful of Best Teacher mugs, handmade gifts, orchids and hand cream. Wine however is always welcome.


This year I looked in my wrapping drawer and discovered I didn’t have any wine bags, I briefly considered buying some, then I thought about sewing some out of fabric and I kept thinking back to my previous post about simplicity.

At the end of the day the bag might look good, but ultimately it will end up as waste, so instead I decided to make some custom labels which I paired with personalised gift tags. I’ve made all the labels available as free downloads, so as long as you have a bottle and a printer on hand you can do this the night before school ends and still look like you’ve gifted something special and personal.



You can either attach the custom labels over the top of the original labels so they can be removed, or use warm water to totally remove the labels and apply the new ones with Prit Stick.

To download just click on the link underneath each image

UPDATE… The keen eyed amongst you will have noticed that one of the designs in the photos has an extra “drink”! One of my readers spotted this after I published the post so the templates below have been corrected, but the photos still show the mistake!

wine bottle son

download winebottle_son


download winebottle_daughter2


download winebottle_happyxmas2


download winebottle_happyxmas2a

If you download these I’d love to hear about it in the comments and I’d really love you to send me a picture on Twitter @maybushstudio if you can manage it!


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