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Upcycled Christmas tins!

by Clare Mansell
Upcycled Christmas tins!

Theo is having a bit of adventure this Christmas Eve as he’s decided to spend the day at my sister’s house meeting extended family and waking up on Christmas morning with his teenage cousins, before we join them for lunch. Among the new friends he’ll be making at Christmas are a 5 year-old and a 7 year-old and so naturally he wanted to take Christmas gifts to give them, but we wanted to keep it simple and cheap…


I hit on the idea of upcycling my last two formula tins, but there was a problem… I only had one lid!

Fortunately a lovely lady over at the Make Do And Mend Life facebook page came to by aid and generously posted me one of hers. The tins were spray painted with leftover Pinty Plus I had from other projects I’ve done this year and everything except for some gold coins I added (sum total £2) were from supplies we had in the house.


The labels are chalkboard ones from Amazon, the letters from my dwindling scrapbooking stash (I haven’t scrapbooked for 9 years!) and the contents made up from a range of nibbles from the kitchen, stationery and leftover party supplies. I tried to avoid filling them with cheap plastic toys which would break in minutes and have (I hope) achieved it.


These are the second and third formula tins I’ve spray painted, but if I’m honest I’ve sent many more to be recycled and I wish I’d hung on to them all. They spray up beautifully and the Pinty Plus leaves them with a really robust coat of paint. If I had a few more they would make great party “bags” in the summer.

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