Home photography Home Life Project – January creative challenge

Home Life Project – January creative challenge

by Clare Mansell
Home Life Project – January creative challenge

This weekend is the first Home Life Project of 2017 and in order to give everyone a little reminder I am bringing back the Friday blog posts that precede the project weekend, but instead of doing a tutorial, each month I’ll be giving you a creative challenge which you can choose to incorporate into the images you take.


January’s prompt is “night-time windows” and uses the limited daylight we have at this time of year to create a photographic opportunity. The idea is to step outside your home and capture a peek into your families lives by photographing an illuminated window scene. This kind of shot emphasises the cosiness of the home and appeals to something in all of us, that is intrigued by a captured fragment of someone’s life.

While I was writing this post and searching for photos to inspire you I discovered by chance that the artist Edward Hopper painted several images along this theme, of which my favourite is Night Windows.


For your own photo the window can be a small part of the image, or it can fill the frame, but you should aim to reveal something about the people who live in the house.


A few words of advice…

  • Open the curtains!
  • Make sure you turn your flash off
  • Turn off outside floodlights
  • Consider using a tripod to ensure you don’t get camera shake
  • Watch out for unwanted or distracting reflections in the glass
  • Use things outside the house (plants, window frames) to frame the photo
  • Experiment with taking photos in manual mode
  • Add a vignette in Lightroom to darken down the images around the edges and draw the eye to the light


You could also experiment with flipping the idea on its head a bit and shooting a night-time window from within the home…

And finally, if you are new to the Home Life Project, welcome along! To join in, simply take approximately twelve images on either Saturday or Sunday this weekend that capture your family in a documentary style (full details here).

Try to push yourself to experiment with your camera settings or try new ways of shooting, you can bin those that don’t work before you publish, but you may be pleasantly surprised by what you capture.

The link up opens at 7am on Monday. I look forward to seeing everyone’s photos!


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1 comment

Robyn January 6, 2017 - 6:38 pm

Oooh how exciting! And such a good theme! I cant wait to see what everyone comes up with – myself included because i’ve no idea right now. Ha ha


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