Beginning a year of simplicity – January

Over the last year or so I’ve found myself starting to reassess the way we live, by making small but significant changes in our home life. Last summer I cleared out a load of my clothes and introduced a capsule wardrobe, we attempted zero waste party bags at Theo’s birthday, I stopped colouring my hair (18 months ago!) and we cut back on what we bought at Christmas. I also discovered the Minimalists and the great Make Do & Mend Life group on Facebook.


As we started 2017 I wanted to document these changes, but I struggled to label exactly what I was doing. In the end I settled on a year of simplicity and so for the next 12 months I’m going to do a blog update and a vlog every month talking about how we are reducing waste, adopting some minimalist principals and finding ways of living more simply.

My aims for the year are to…

  • Reduce our household waste
  • Continue to declutter our home (rehoming, rather than throwing away)
  • Use what we have, mending and making do
  • Borrowing or buying second hand if we can
  • Cut spending on “stuff” and save money
  • Continue with my capsule wardrobe but add to it thoughtfully and sustainably
  • Get back to basics

In the first few weeks of the year we’ve started composting, are trying out a vegetable box scheme and have swapped some packaging heavy products for cheaper less wasteful ones. I’ve also set myself a crafting challenge to creatively use up what I already have. My first vlog update starts with some of those small changes and I’ll continue to update you on those as the year goes on…

I’ve also changed my approach to blogging a little by making some changes I felt were right for me. I’ve removed all my affiliate ads (they never made much money anyway) and several badges, I’ve opted out of a couple of charts, turned off those emails that send you weekly stat updates, left many of the blogging facebook groups I was in and I’ve started saying no a lot. I really don’t want to accept any more “free” things into my home that aren’t absolutely required, or to give up my time writing about them and importantly I want to be more mindful about what I’m promoting and how that may encourage others to spend their money.

For a long time I felt I needed to earn more and more from blogging, but all that happened was every new collaboration fed my consumerism. You can’t escape buying stuff entirely, but you can slow down and check what value new things bring to your life and if you really need them.

This is not a perfect plan and I may still need to adjust it. I also want to make it clear that I’m not trying to convert anyone or criticise those who are doing things another way, this is just what’s right for me, right now.

Linking up with Stephanie…


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