Home photography Home Life Project – February Creative Challenge

Home Life Project – February Creative Challenge

by Clare Mansell
Home Life Project – February Creative Challenge

You may be glad to know that this month’s creative challenge can be done almost anywhere inside or outside your house and certainly won’t result in the neighbours giving you strange looks! As we’ve got quite a bit of rain forecast over the next few days I thought it might be a good time to explore reflections. Reflections in puddles, on windows and virtually any mirrored surface.


If you want to try photographing puddle reflections, the key is to get down as low as you can and photograph close to the water surface. In wet weather this can mean you risk getting soggy knees, so as funny as it sounds, you might want to stick a plastic bag in your pocket when you go out for a walk to put down to provide a little protection.

I have a particular fondness for flipping the puddle reflection photos I take to play with the perspective. The photo below looks quite ordinary when it is the correct way up!


There are loads of reflective surfaces in our houses too of course. Sometimes you might want to use these to capture yourself in the frame and at other times you’ll need to angle yourself carefully to make sure a reflection of the camera doesn’t intrude into what you really want to get in the photo.


Whenever you are photographing a reflective surface be conscious of smears and marks, technically the Home Life Project is about capturing the real, but a quick wipe or reframe can make the end result look a lot better. If you scroll back up to that sunglasses picture and look again, you’ll see there is a big smudge on the lefthand side of the glasses!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been looking at some wonderful window reflection photos on a Facebook group I’m in. These are the kind of images I would love to capture myself, but they have eluded me so far, so I’m going to be experimenting this weekend to see if I can come close to this sort of look.

This photo was taken by Paige Mercer of El & Em Photography, I love the way the reflections in the glass frame the faces of the couple.


Paige says “My goal for this particular image was to make it appear as though I had just come across these two beautiful people as I was passing by. Their expressions certainly ‘reflect’ that! (Pun intended). I had to position myself just in the right place to where I could see them through the reflection of the window and this was what I was able to achieve. I love the way this turned out looking almost like a double exposure! Looking for those little opportunities are what’s going to give you that creative advantage to shoot something like this.”

For more ideas read this post on reflective iPhone photography, there are some amazing photos in it!

I hope that’s given you a few ideas for the weekend! As always the creative challenge is entirely optional. If you want to know more about the Home Life Project or to grab badges they are all here.

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My Two Mums February 3, 2017 - 9:25 am

Oh I like this. I shall give this a good go. 


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