The Siblings Project – February

Yesterday I finally resurfaced after six days of unexpected and total computer blackout. One moment I was doing a routine upgrade of my software on my mac and the next it was dead. To cut a very long story short, my saga ended with my computer being totally wiped and the operating system being reinstalled, all my files were mercifully rescued first, but as you can imagine it gave me a lot of time to think about the processes I have in place to protect my family photos, not just from computer failure, but also from the scary prospect of ransom ware.

I already keep copies of my photos on Flickr, dropbox and an external hard drive, but as time had moved on, the drive had become too small to accommodate Time Machine backups so I switched the automatic process off. Needless to say, after the week I’ve had, I now have a brand new 3 TB hard-drive solely for that purpose and I’m also giving thought to using BackBlaze as an additional cloud backup.

All this computer talk probably seems a bit off track in my monthly Siblings Project post, but I think its part and parcel of the same thing. We share these images every month because they are precious to us and its easy to be blasé about our digital archive when we are so used to being able to access it on multiple devices almost instantly.


The photos I’m sharing this month were taken last Sunday after I’d spent most of the previous day on the phone to Apple Support (fortunately for free) trying to save my computer. I had been desperate to get out for fresh air and we were in the middle of a two hour walk through the fields around our house. Alice was in her backback for most of it, but she really relishes a chance to get out and toddle along with her brother now so we try and indulge her as much as is practical.

She’s learning new words at a pace and this month she has added “boots” (oh how she loves them!) and “Daddy” to her vocabulary. Though Theo thinks his age gives him the upper hand in their relationship, it is very clear to the rest of us that she’ll be the boss pretty soon. She’s fearless, hungry for adventure and already pushes her brother around.


For his part he says he wants to marry her and that if we don’t tell her that brothers and sisters can’t marry, maybe she’ll say yes!

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