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One of the things I enjoyed about looking back on Lucy’s family portraits for the Me & Mine Project was not just seeing her family grow, but also seeing the seasons change around them throughout the year. I remember when I was younger being told that we were so lucky to live in a country that had proper seasons and it’s taken a long time to learn to appreciate that. Famously Alberta in Canada which was our home for two years has two seasons “Winter and July” where as when we lived in Cyprus, harvest was in the spring and we all looked forward to the rain returning in autumn!


So I’m going to endeavour to capture a little of the seasons in our photos each month. This one was taken on our regular dog walk in the community woodland near us. It’s bare and brown at the moment, but by the summer the growth will have overtaken the paths and it’ll be full of green plants. I’ll try and get a photo of us in the same spot in six months time to compare.

So February has been like this for us…

Clare : Is excited (and a little nervous) to be photographing her first wedding this year, is chuffed to have finally painted the kitchen (reveal coming soon) and has also discovered a great recipe for celeriac soup!
Jim : Is relieved the wallpaper has been hung n the kitchen, has just bought a coffee grinder and cafetiere and is going back to basics with his hot beverages and is teaching Theo the tactical way to play Battleships
Theo : Is really enjoying his topic at school and has developed an encyclopedic knowledge of dinosaurs, likes the taste of Jim’s new coffee (weird kid) and has loved building camps over half-term
Alice : Is currently obsessed with jumping in muddy puddles. She loves her “boots” and hates it when she can’t go in the garden and play (usually when it’s blowing a hoolie or raining)

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