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Siblings Project – March

by Clare Mansell
Siblings Project – March

I’ll be honest with you, photo projects can be a pain. The weeks roll by and suddenly the deadline is looming again for another contribution and you briefly find yourself thinking that life would be a lot easier if you didn’t have to shoot pictures by specific dates, but you get the camera out anyway and then magically you capture something which you otherwise would not have photographed… and then you remember that that is exactly why you do these things to start with.

I think spring has taken us all a little bit by surprise this week. I had to go rumaging in the cupboard for some short sleeves on Monday and when I collected Theo from school he was desperate to kick off his black trousers and swap them for shorts. We stopped in at my parents house to pick something up and the kids ran round the garden playing, whilst in the back of my mind I was thinking about the photo I needed to take of them this week.

And then at about 5 o’clock as we were about to head home, the sun dipped low in the sky and there was the wonderful evening spring sunshine. The kind of light it is sacrilegious not to take photos in.

Taking a picture of these two in the same spot isn’t easy. Theo had to restrain Alice for this photos which says so much about their relationship at the moment. She is always running around and always getting into mischief.

And when she’s not charging about she is attempting to gain the upper hand in this sibling relationship, usually with quite loud and demanding vocalisations and by physically pushing her way into things. Easy going Theo takes it all in his stride, still telling us daily how much he loves his sister, whilst waiting on her hand and foot.

I often think how long (relatively) he has waited for this playmate of his. The nine slow months of pregnancy and then the quiet uneventful first few months of babyhood, before finally she started to not just be a sister, but to be someone he could interact with too. He definitely thinks she’s been worth the wait.

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Jenny March 18, 2017 - 7:41 pm

These are beautiful photos of your little dudes. I love them. That lighting is so heart warming. Definitely framers for the wall. #siblingsproject

Laura | Little Ladies Big World March 23, 2017 - 5:15 pm

I feel exactly the same about the photo projects every month and every month I am so glad of the incentive. Gorgeous photos x 


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