Reusable baby wipes on trial – Year Of Simplicity

This month my quest to simplify our family life and reduce waste has lead me to try out Cheeky Wipes reusable baby wipes. Five and a half years into parenting might seem like an odd time to make the switch, but it had honestly never even crossed my mind that such a thing as reusable wipes existed until a few months ago and I thought I had to give them a try just to see how practical they really are.

A month later I can honestly say I will never use disposables again, the kit is so well designed and the one thing I hadn’t been expecting, was to find that they actually did the job better… and they completely do!

As well as embracing reusable wipes for bottoms, we’ve also ditched them in the kitchen and I bought another set of reusables for hands and faces wipes for the children after their meals (they are the multi-coloured ones you can see above) You can see the whole kit and find out a bit more about how it works in the video below.

Also this month I have been trying oil cleansing with mixed results (basically it’s nice on your skin, but a bit of a hassle last thing at night) and I’ve made a shocking discovery about tea bags which has changed what we buy, but will we stick at it for good?


Next month I’ll be talking about my capsule wardrobe which I’m about to move into my fourth season of, though this time I’ll be having a guiding hand. More of that in April!


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