Home photography Home Life Project – April Creative Challenge

Home Life Project – April Creative Challenge

by Clare Mansell
Home Life Project – April Creative Challenge

This month’s creative challenge is Foreground Framing. This is the technique of placing something in the foreground between you and your subject in order to help direct your eye towards it and provide context to the image. The thing in the foreground is usually, but not always deliberately thrown out of focus.

If you are trying to improve your photography this is also a really good opportunity to switch your camera to aperture priority or manual and experiment with altering your F Stop. All of the images you’ll see in this post achieve the blurry effect by being shot with a wide aperture. Depending on your equipment you may find your widest aperture is about f/3.5 on a zoom or perhaps f/1.8 if you have a fixed length (eg 50mm lens) One of the professional images you’ll see later in the post was shot at f/1.6 which requires quite an expensive lens and is probably not something you’ll be able to match!


If mastering your depth of field for these images seems a little daunting, you can still take part by using naturally occurring frames to experiment with the Frame Within A Frame idea which this is a variation of. In this example the photographer has found something structural to shoot through to capture their subject.

Photo by Darren Coleshill via Unsplash

Finally here’s a beautiful example of foreground framing that I have found whilst browsing online this week. I love the richness of colours and contrast in this photo as well as the positioning of the subject in the frame.

Feeling Fall by Sarah Wilkenson

Sarah says about this image : “I rarely stage my photos; my approach is one of patience and observation. I took this from afar with a 105mm f/1.4 lens at an aperture of f/1.6”

I hope that’s given you a few ideas for the weekend! As always the creative challenge is entirely optional. If you want to know more about the Home Life Project or to grab badges they are all here and a big thank you to Sarah for letting me share their photos in this post.

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