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The Siblings Project – April

by Clare Mansell

At about this time every year we make an annual trip to Stanstead House, a country estate near us and our favourite spot for walking the dogs and spotting and photographing bluebells. It’s frightening how quickly a year passes and how much Theo has grown since the first photos we took. Somehow photographing your children in familiar landscapes highlights just how much they have changed.

This spring was the first time Alice was able to join in with the pictures as I don’t think she was even sitting up when we took them last year. Even at this age it was a challenge as she hates sitting still and getting two sets of faces to look at the camera at the same time requires patience and lightening fast reactions!

Theo continues to be very patient with his younger sister, despite the fact that patience is very definitely not something that she has a lot of at the moment! Alice is into everything and wants to do and have everything immediately which with her having few words at the moment means there is a lot of screaming in the house which can be exhausting at times. Theo seems to filter it out quite easily and can happily continue watching television or taking part in an activity without being phased. I wish I had that skill!

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Jenny April 20, 2017 - 3:44 pm

Ahhh lovely siblings snaps among the blossoms. So cute! I didn’t realize your eldest had glasses like mine. They look so smart and cute in them! He also looks so grown up in them too. Gorgeous. Sounds like they are forming a great relationship to come in future. #siblingsproject


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