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May 2017

Me & Mine – May

This month’s Me & Mine photo was taken just after the Haslemere Classic Car Show & Tour which we took part in again this year with our Morris Traveller, Maggie. We did get a great photo of three of us and the dogs at the show itself, but had to wait until we collected Alice from my sister’s house where she’d spent the day, before we were able to photograph the whole family.

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First classic car outing of the summer (with video)

On Sunday we took Maggie our 1969 Morris Minor Traveller to the Haslemere classic car show and tour. It’s an event we took part in last year and it’s a fantastic opportunity to explore the English countryside and see many other beautiful classic cars. The starting point is breakfast at Lion Green in Haslemere and from there we head off for three and a half hours of driving with a tea break in the middle. The route is a secret till the day and you navigate with a series of ‘tulips” which are pictorial representations of junctions.

It requires quite a bit of concentration logging the mileage as you go and I try not to get distracted by the people at the roadside waving at the cars or the stunning countryside!

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10 minute charity shop metal letter makeover

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that our local charity shop had taken delivery of a load of illuminated metal letters which were originally priced as £20 each and had been discounted multiple times before being eventually priced up at £3.

I didn’t immediately purchase one as I wanted keen on the rusty industrial look of them, but a week or so later when I was back in the shop it occured to me that I could spray one and make it any colour I wanted. Typically most of what was left were the obscure letters like Q & Z, but at the bottom of the stack was an M… for Mansell!

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Printing photos : Is this the solution to preserving our digital archive?

It’s somewhat ironic that in age when we take more photos than ever before, many experts believe we are facing a future with lost family archives. Why? Because we don’t print our photos anymore. I am just as guilty as everyone else, I have some wonderful photo books, but they take time to make and so I fall behind creating them (currently six months behind on Alice and Theo’s year books, sorry mum!) Last year I decided the answer might be to finish the year by printing digital prints of every photo I took in that year, but then when I sat down to do it, I balked at the cost and the task never got completed.

So what’s the answer? I can’t say I know for certain yet, but there are some great innovative ideas around and when Cheerz approached me about their memory box I found something that came pretty close to being my perfect Christmas gift and a step towards resolving the lost photo archive problem.

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Home Life Project – May

I must start this post by apologising for not sending out tweets to remind people it was Homelife Project weekend this month. I’ve had a really busy couple of weeks, I was away for 4 days last week and then at a friend’s wedding yesterday and despite the best of attentions I’ve dropped a lot of balls. The linky is open for two weeks, so if you missed this weekend, please feel free to shoot over the next one.

For us yesterday started like so many of our weekends, with a dog walk at the beach and an extra dog (my parent’s one) in tow. Theo has been a bit under the weather with a sore throat for the last few days and he was up and down all day and eventually went to bed early with a Secret Seven audio book to listen to.

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