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10 minute charity shop metal letter makeover

by Clare Mansell
10 minute charity shop metal letter makeover

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that our local charity shop had taken delivery of a load of illuminated metal letters which were originally priced as £20 each and had been discounted multiple times before being eventually priced up at £3.

I didn’t immediately purchase one as I wanted keen on the rusty industrial look of them, but a week or so later when I was back in the shop it occured to me that I could spray one and make it any colour I wanted. Typically most of what was left were the obscure letters like Q & Z, but at the bottom of the stack was an M… for Mansell!

The best way to get the ‘true’ colour of a paint is always to take the surface back to white first, so for this project I decided to use a white undercoat to ensure I got the best bright turquoise finish.

I used masking tape to protect all the little LED bulbs and the switch on the side and then sprayed one coat of Pinty Plus white chalk paint spray to the surface, followed by two light mist coats of Pinty Plus turquoise. I’ve recently started using a spray gun for my projects. They are very cheap and well worth buying if you intend to do a quantity of painting as they give you much better control over the paint flow.

The letter is only about 20 x 15cm so a very small project which required a fraction of a can and doing it in the sunshine meant each coat dried very quickly. As it was going to be hanging on the wall I didn’t bother to finish with a varnish and just left the paint as it was.

Masking tape removed and batteries inserted it’s now got a spot on our kitchen wall next to our table….

Paints available from novasolspray.co.uk

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[email protected] May 31, 2017 - 9:09 pm

I love this, just need a P,R & D xx


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