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Me & Mine – May

by Clare Mansell
Me & Mine – May

This month’s Me & Mine photo was taken just after the Haslemere Classic Car Show & Tour which we took part in again this year with our Morris Traveller, Maggie. We did get a great photo of three of us and the dogs at the show itself, but had to wait until we collected Alice from my sister’s house where she’d spent the day, before we were able to photograph the whole family.

Although this is our first year participating in the Me & Mine project, it’s not our first year at the HCCS, so we do have a photo my sister took in this same spot last year which really shows how much Alice has grown. Seven months to 19 months, a big change!

So what have we been up to this month?

Clare : I did my first Facebook Live for one of my clients, nerve wracking but really great fun! I discovered a recipe for Briam (a Greek dish) which we’ve made a few times and is delicious, I’ve been spending far too much time watching First Dates on 4 On Demand instead of reading and I’m really looking forward to getting our garden sorted out before our Canada Day party

Jim : is enjoying planning the menu for our Canada Day party at the beginning of July and fantasising about the prospect of a pizza oven (though that may be next summer’s project!)

Alice : Is learning new words at a pace! Recent additions include… Archie (her cousin) tea, Maggie (the car) Quack and cook. She loves our family dogs and wants to kiss them all the time and is enjoying her first swims in my parents pool.

Theo : Is enjoying doing street dance this term (that’s a spontaneous street dance pose in the photo!) is still collecting Fruit YoYo cards (though he seems to have gone off the actual YoYos!) is doing a great job of looking after the plants and vegetables he is growing and still continues to amaze us with his maths skills!

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Claire @ Clarina's Contemplations June 3, 2017 - 9:55 pm

Always so much fun when you have a previous picture to look back on!! Seeing your little ones growing up before your eyes! Sounds like its been a fab month!

Jenny June 4, 2017 - 7:52 pm

These are lovely hunny you look so fab. Love that car that’s amazing. The kids look like they are having fun. #meandmineproject


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