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HomeLife Project – July Creative Challenge

The creative challenge I had originally intended for this month was weather dependent, so after looking at the forecast for this weekend I’ve decided to swap it round with August’s and keep our finger’s crossed for better weather in a few weeks (because that weather last week wasn’t all the summer we are getting, right?)

For July your challenge is to capture negative space. In photography negative space is the area that surrounds the main subjects of your photos. Used well it can define and emphasise your subjects and create clear minimal looking photographs. The key to capturing negative space is to ignore the objects themselves and focus instead on the space around them. I love negative space photos, but I don’t always recognise the potential to photograph them, so it’s an area I need to work on.

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I have had this post sitting in my drafts folder for at least a year, whilst I have tried unsuccessfully to get a photograph of me that showed a little of my new natural highlights. My lovely whisps of silver are often stubbornly hard to capture in a photo and I just didn’t feel I could write this post without something to back up my story of why I have ditched the hair dye for good. But today some photos of a friend’s wedding were posted online and you can just just make them out, so I can finally share my story…

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A year of simplicity : Six months in & unexpected knock ons…

The first half of this year has whizzed by and I thought now would be a good time to take stock of the changes our household has made that we have stuck with, but also to acknowledge a perhaps inevitable but unexpected side effect of my pursuit for simplicity…

Here are a few of the areas where we have made changes that have stuck…

Switching disposable for reusable

I was reluctant to jump on this straight away as it seemed like it could just be an excuse to buy a load of new things, but as the year has gone on we have slowly replaced many disposable items with their reusable alternatives and without exception have found we prefer the reusable versions. So far this has included silicone cupcake cases (used several times a week now in my son’s yumbox) aluminum straws, cloth baby wipes, a diva cup and cotton makeup removers

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Our garden in June (not how it was supposed to look)

Last year I did a series of updates on our garden over the summer months, though they might not have been the best ratings winner, they did force me to take photos and became a useful record of how things we planted have grown. This year I’ve been slacking a bit and it’s largely down to a setback in our long awaited patio overhaul. For the last four years we’ve been living with a broken, uneven and unsightly patio and a few months ago we decide to throw all our savings at getting it sorted in time for our tenth wedding anniversary.

I will spare you the details, but things didn’t turn out as we’d hoped. We have had to switch contractors and have spent several weeks living with a building site outside the kitchen door. Hopefully by the time I write next month’s update it’ll be fixed, but it does mean that nearly everything else in the garden is also on hold waiting for the patio to be finished.

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Home Life Project – June

It’s been a strange weekend, I was heading for bed on Saturday night just as news of the London terrorist attack broke and, like many people I’m sure, I stayed up later than I should watching the news trying to take it in. Consequently on Sunday I was in a tired fog and the productive day in the garden was hampered by unrelenting wind. I did a bit of digging and tidying, but only planted one sunflower.

We put the tent up on Saturday to check it over before the school camping trip and I snuck off for half an hour at lunchtime to have a doze in it whilst Alice was in bed (our air mattresses are so comfortable!) By the afternoon I had a small hot limpet clinging to me and sucking her thumb and by the evening we were dishing out second doses of Calpol between watching the Manchester concert…

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