Home photography HomeLife Project – June Creative Challenge

HomeLife Project – June Creative Challenge

by Clare Mansell
HomeLife Project – June Creative Challenge

If your half term has been anywhere near as busy as mine I suspect just thinking about getting the camera out over the weekend is enough to contend with, without factoring in a creative challenge. So I’m going to keep it really simple with a one word prompt which is open to be interpreted in a number of ways.

My starting point was the glorious weather we’ve been having interspersed with days of rain and how everything my garden is suddenly shooting up! So the creative challenge is to simple capture something which sums up the word growing.

In its most simplest form you could photograph the plants in your garden, or the lawn being cut! (seems to be a weekly event at the moment)

But you could also use it as a prompt to capture something about your children. Perhaps buying new shoes? Or doing something for the first time?

Of course, if you are lucky enough to live near fields it’s a great time to get out and take photos in them…

Or it could be something more abstract. Dough proving and ‘growing’ in the bowl.

As always the creative challenge is entirely optional, but I hope this post has given you some ideas for something to try over the weekend. If you want to know more about the Home Life Project or to grab badges they are all here.

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