Home photography HomeLife Project – July Creative Challenge

HomeLife Project – July Creative Challenge

by Clare Mansell
HomeLife Project – July Creative Challenge

The creative challenge I had originally intended for this month was weather dependent, so after looking at the forecast for this weekend I’ve decided to swap it round with August’s and keep our finger’s crossed for better weather in a few weeks (because that weather last week wasn’t all the summer we are getting, right?)

For July your challenge is to capture negative space. In photography negative space is the area that surrounds the main subjects of your photos. Used well it can define and emphasise your subjects and create clear minimal looking photographs. The key to capturing negative space is to ignore the objects themselves and focus instead on the space around them. I love negative space photos, but I don’t always recognise the potential to photograph them, so it’s an area I need to work on.

When photographing a busy family life it’s not always easy to capture clean backgrounds, but there are a few tricks you can use…

Use the sky as a background

If you are lucky enough to find a clear sky over the weekend, you’ll find it can make a great uniform background for photos, even a grey sky has possibilities. Use it as a way to photograph buildings or structures.

Shoot with a wide aperture (if you can)

Setting your camera’s aperture to a low number means that only a small area of the photo will be in focus and everything beyond it is blurry. You will often hear photographers talking about how they love their 50mm or prime lens and this is because these lenses effectively trade the ability to zoom for a wider aperture range. Zoom lenses tend to only open up as far as f/3.5, where as a budget prime lens can be dialed down to f/1.8 which means a great depth of field.

purple1Shoot from above

Floors are more often than not a uniform colour. This photo was taken whle we were having building work done and the table is actually on a horrible messy concrete surface, but it still makes a great minimal background.

ccblue5Don’t be afraid to try slightly quirky compisitions

Photograph at an angle or leave only a small part of the subject in the photograph

As always the creative challenge is entirely optional, but I hope this post has given you some ideas for something to try over the weekend. If you want to know more about the Home Life Project or to grab badges they are all here.

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