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Celebrating 82 years of marriage at the Halfway Bridge

by Clare Mansell
Celebrating 82 years of marriage at the Halfway Bridge

Last Friday Jim and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. I honestly have no idea where that decade has gone, but after 5 countries, 6 houses, 2 dogs and 2 children, it felt like a bit of a milestone that needed celebrating!

As luck would have it a couple of months ago I won a Twitter competition run by the Halfway Bridge pub to have canapes and a couple of bottles of English sparkling wine. We thought we’d struggle to drink both bottles particularly with one of us driving so it made sense to turn it into a bigger celebration and invite my parents with sister and her husband, both of whom celebrate their wedding anniversaries in June too (55 years and 17 years respectively)


Having had Alice in nursery one morning a week since January, I decided to throw caution to the wind and book her in for an entire day yesterday so that we could all have lunch without our children… well the young ones at least, my parents of course couldn’t escape their adult children!

Despite the fact we all live relatively close to each other (and appropriately enough the Halfway Bridge is about halfway between us) it’s very very rare that we get to have a meal without interruptions these days.


The Halfway Bridge is on the A272 between Midhurst & Petworth and the signposting from the road sends you round to the back of the pub (where there is no car park) which caused a bit of confusion when my parents were at the front, my sister was at the back and we were in the bar! But anyway, we all found each other eventually!

Along with our two bottles of Upperton sparkling rose and smoked salmon canapes, we had their £22 two course set lunch menu. We had been planning to eat in the bar (as one of the family dogs was with us) but in the end the weather was so nice we ate outside on the patio.


Jim and I shared a goats cheese starter and he deviated off the menu to have burger for his main, while I had sea trout (and some of his chips, but that goes without saying, right?) and our table also ordered the sea bream and steak.


And then because we were attempting to taste as many things as possible on the menu we shared a pudding (chocolate mousse with cherries) too…


Although they all looked pretty good…


After a little bit of concern with how Alice would cope with 9 hours at nursery, she came out grinning and answered a firm “yup!” to the question of whether she had enjoyed her day. Thank you very much to the Halfway Bridge for their hospitality. I think our annual anniversary lunches may well become a new tradition and we are looking forward to celebrating a combined total of 85 years next year!

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