Home garden Patio resurface – before and after photos

Patio resurface – before and after photos

by Clare Mansell
Patio resurface – before and after photos

Those who follow me over on Instagram will know that a few months ago we finally got enough savings together to do one of the big remaining makeover projects on our house… the back patio! For the last 4 years we’ve had to live with a very uneven and unattractive crazy paved patio we inherited and its been a constant source of frustration for me.

Patios, even when you are just resurfacing them, are not cheap things to do and in addition to the large bill we were expecting, ours went over budget as we had to switch contractors halfway through the job, but and it is a really big BUT, it’s done at long last and it’s made a huge difference to the garden and our lives in general.

I have been hesitating showing before and afters because there are still things to do, the grass we have seeded needs to grow and we have another quite significant garden project which is tagging on to this next month and is a a present for Jim’s 40th, but here are the befores and afters so far….

The surface we went for in the end was granite, we wanted something hard wearing that wouldn’t mark and was surprised to find some affordable deals on granite slabs despite it’s position as one of the most expensive stones you can buy.

I deliberately left the bike in the after shot because resurfacing the patio has impacted in ways we had never considered, we live on a country lane which it’s not practical for the kids to play on and our drive (another project for another year) is no good for cycling on either, so I never realised until now that we were actually lacking a flat surface for them to scoot and cycle on. Now we have it I wonder how we never thought about it before!

Our original plan was to replace the old surface with a combination of concrete and bricks. It was a large area (40m2) and this seemed to be the most economical option, but in the end it didn’t turn out quite that way and the switch of contractors meant a switch of materials too, although I do think we came out of it with the best possible result.

We are planning to get a gate of some sort into the yard area on the right (it goes round to the back of our garage) to obscure all the garden equipment which inevitably ends up being stored there!

And just to show you quite how far we’ve come in all sorts of ways, this was the patio 8 years ago after our initial work on the house (and before it was rented for 4 years) Yes, that’s a quite substantial tree, or three in fact, where our raised bed now is…

Because the level of the new patio is higher than the old we had to raise the grass to meet the new level which is why the landscaping at the edge is rather messy, but it will gradually start to fit in.

Next month another change for the garden and a project which I’m possibly almost as excited about as I was the patio!

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