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Pirate philanthropy and skill swapping

by Clare Mansell
Pirate philanthropy and skill swapping

Pirates are not usually thought of as the most giving of characters, but bucking that trend last month I was involved in a skill swap with an old friend of mine who is also an author and storyteller. She laid on a complimentary pirate storytelling and treasure hunt at our house for Alice, Theo and a select few of their friends in return for me documenting the experience in photos that she could use for her website.

Theo (6 next month) is at just the right age for pirates at the moment. They are a frequent theme at the party’s he is invited too and he even has a pair of pirate shorts I made for him.

Typically the weather did not behave on the afternoon we had chosen, we nearly called the whole thing off but I was stubbornly optimistic the sun was just a moment away from coming out, which it never did sadly, but as you can tell from this photo of two of the mums, we were typically British and stoic about the whole thing.

The pirate experience consisted of a storytelling session (held in my She Shed) followed by a treasure hunt around the garden and pirate themed crafting activity afterwards.


Dawn brought her own cushions and floor covers which made setting up (and clearing up!) for the storytelling part really easy. There were also musical instruments and storm sound effects for the kids to get involved with the story


After the treasure hunt we retreated (a little damp) back to my She Shed for treasure chest decorating and a couple more ad hoc stories.


The kids had a great time despite the wet weather and perhaps most rewarding of all, Dawn has already had a booking as a direct result of sharing the photos that I took.

Dawn (aka DD Storyteller) is based in Hambledon in Hampshire and can be contacted via her website ddstoryteller.co.uk

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