Homelife Project – September Creative Challenge

Stop, wait! It’s September?! How did that happen!

The start of this month has crept up on us in an especially sneaky manner, as we only arrived back from Sweden yesterday and we’ve been running around today preparing for Theo’s 6th birthday party tomorrow, so I hope this later than usual post doesn’t catch you unawares.

This month’s theme is inspired by our week in Sweden… no I won’t be suggesting you photograph Ikea furniture, rather that you seek out the remarkable in your every day.

Staying with our friends near Gothenburg I was struck by how different the details of their everyday lives are to our own. Whether it’s the beautiful wooden houses in their landscape, the squirty tube of caviar they eat on toast for breakfast, or the freedom they have to explore the forest and light fires where they wish.

The truth is that there are always details in all our lives that are a bit different to others and we are often blind to it until an outsider points them out. So, what are the remarkable things in your life? Is it something about your family routine, the food you eat, the places in your neighbourhood or the special things you have collected to decorate your home.

When I was considering this month’s challenge it struck me it was a particularly good weekend for our family to record our ‘remarkable’. As you may well know my ‘everyday’ car is a 1969 Morris Minor Traveller and on Sunday we’ll be taking her out on a classic car run around West Sussex with many other owners and families, but I promise you that’s not why I chose it, because if you dig deep there are many small details about everyone’s lives that are unusual. So, this weekend look with an analytical eye and consider (and then record!) what makes your family and your routines different… Good luck!






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