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I’ve never been on a diet and I’m not on one now, but…

by Clare Mansell
I’ve never been on a diet and I’m not on one now, but…

This blog post could very nearly have been called Things That Facebook Made Me Do, because really everything that’s happened to me in the last month is entirely facebook’s fault.

At the beginning of August an advert popped up on my news feed for a fitness program. I was at the time not in the least bit interested in fitness or diets, but I clicked on it anyway because I was pretty convinced it was another one of those companies that steal images of women and use them to sell their magic slimming potions and if that was the case I wanted to report them. (Grrr… I get angry about photo thefts!) But much to my surprise when I clicked through I discovered this particular advert was legit. No herbal teas or magic powders, instead they were promoting an 8 week health and fitness program for mums which seemed to produce amazing results.

I was on holiday at the time probably drinking slightly too much alcohol (as we do) and being slightly too sedentary and before I knew it I’d handed over £37 and decided to sign up. I was motivated by fitness and energy levels, because I was quite confident in the fact that the reason I had a muffin top was down to the design of my trousers and nothing to do with what I ate. I’ve had two children, my stomach will never be flat again… nothing I can do about that, right?!

…Wrong!! My goodness the last 5 weeks have been an education! My muffin top has gone and 10lbs of body weight with it. I’ve completely overhauled what I thought was a pretty healthy diet and I’ve replaced my starchy foods with truck loads of green vegetables.

With the exception of a glass of Prosecco on Jim and my birthday’s and some schnapps in Sweden I’ve been off alcohol since the beginning of August and I now stop eating at 6pm every night (goodbye habitual wine and chocolate in front of the tv)

There has been an exercise program too which I have reluctantly been dragged in to, I nearly quit the whole thing when on day one I saw that there was a 5km run on the schedule that weekend, but somehow I kept going. I had no fitness clothing to speak of and my only pair of trainers were 15 years old and disintegrated into seven pieces on my first run (I bought a new pair in the Nike Outlet that same day!) At the beginning I was working out in the evenings on the floor of my study but two weeks in I had progressed to buying a kettle bell and skipping on our Springfree trampoline (as invigorating and fun as it sounds!)

Fit Mum (as it’s called) is run by a really inspiring Australian couple called Sharny & Julius. There is a website and a private facebook group and loads of help, advice and motivation. There’s a video for every single day of the eight weeks, exercise demonstrations and nutrition advice. Everything you need is online and accessible round the clock.

I was reluctant to rush out and get too much kit that I didn’t need and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much of the program you can work around what you have available. When we went to Sweden although I checked to see what gym facilities the hotel had before we left (and used them) on one of our days I simply did exercises on the floor of our hotel room.

My Sunday morning routine now involves my weekly 5km run before breakfast, returning to eat bacon and eggs with the whole family. It feels great to be active, but better still to begin just one day a week entirely on my own (sorry kids!)

And though I would have said I slept pretty well prior to starting the program, the sleep that I get now I am on it is second to none. Even my husband’s snoring doesn’t phase me!

I only ever set out to do the 8 weeks and what I do next is a bridge I will cross when I reach it. The parts I thought I’d hate most I find I actually enjoy the most. I never thought I’d be able to eat before six in the evening, but in fact it’s made the household routine so much easier I doubt I’ll go back (or at least not when I’m on my own with the kids) and running I both love and hate, but I am contemplating hanging on to as part of my weekly schedule.

The program has also made me realise that the older you get the more conscious you have to be both about your health and the extra calories you consume. If you are interested in the Fit Mum Program the website is here. I paid full price for my membership and do not receive any compensation for referring you to the site, but I think it’s great and I’d like to share it in case other people find it helpful too and if you do try it I’d love to know.

Sponsor note : Whilst I have been doing the Fit Mum Program I have been wearing Asquith organic fitness wear The blue top and black and white leggings I am wearing in the photos are both from their range and are really comfortable and well made.  I am selective about the clothing brands I promote on this blog and I was really pleased to be able to partner with a ethical clothing brand who use organic cotton and bamboo which is better for the environment and the people who grow it. Please support sustainable fashion by visiting Asquith’s website to view their latest collection.

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