Getting a Pixie Cut

A couple of weeks ago I finally did something I have been toying with for ages, I chopped my hair off and went for a Pixie Cut! The last time I had short hair was 9 years ago and I started considering going short again about two years ago when Laura at Side Street Style did hers.

It took a while to get used to the idea and then another five weeks to get an appointment with my stylist (ahhh!) so by the time I stepped into the salon I was really really ready for the chop!

Here’s the Pinterest board that I became a bit fixated on in the last few weeks. It’s mostly short cuts, but if you scroll down you’ll see longer styles from a few years ago too and there’s one particular pin on this board that has been my most pinned pin over and over again.



And having also watched a lot of youtube hair makeover videos, I decided to make a video of my own. Luckily for me my hairdresser and the salon he works for are quite active on social media, so running my iPhone to record a timelapse did not seem a completely bonkers request.

I love the results and think I’ll be keeping it short for a good while!

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