Me & Mine – October

I’ve been rather looking forward to this month’s family portrait. My first with short hair and our first with a two year-old in the family! This photo was actually taken on Alice’s birthday, which like the year she was born (and last year I think) was a day of bright sunshine and autumnal colours, though typically the sun had decided to disappear by the time the camera came out!

We had family over for lunch and cooked Kleftico in our new brick outdoor oven (a post on that soon!) together with a Mary Berry cheesecake that didn’t set properly but tasted delicious (and that’s what counts right!) A family lunch is somewhat traditional on October 28th now, after we had champagne and sandwiches in our bedroom upstairs on the day Alice was born!

Two weeks on from my haircut and I’m still experimenting a little with styling it, but I do love my pixie. No more ponytail swinging at the back of my head, no more straighteners, no more bad hair days at all actually!

This is the fourth time I’ve had short hair, the cuts have happened about once a decade and I’ve learned that you definitely need to be in the right place in life to be happy to have one. Double that if you’re simultaneously bucking convention and keeping the silver highlights that nature gave you!


This month we have been loving…



Short hair
Running in the rain
Clearing out the loft
Table Manners at Chichester Festival Theatre
Instagram engagement on dungaree photos
Rediscovering my “colours” (I’m a winter)



That the Pizza Oven is finally where it should be
Alice saying “Night, Night bacon”
The last invoice for under two childcare
Watching Game of Thrones during the week



The last month with the under twos at nursery
Round and round the garden
This Little Piggy
Fox’s Socks
Her washing up sink



Swedish breakfast
Pumpkin carving
Visits to Tuppenny Barn
The Deep & Blue Planet
New dungarees
Earning points for walking to school


By the way, a quick cheeky plug to say that if you like photography projects next weekend is the penultimate Home Life Project of 2017. Click here to read about how you can get involved and why I think it is so important to set aside time to capture unscripted moments of your families daily routine.


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