Home Life Project – November (without a DSLR!!)

It was not a happy start to this month’s Home Life Project weekend! On the day of the last Home Life Project I took my DSLR to the beach, got a grain of sand in it and the autofocus stopped working. I took it to be repaired three weeks ago and though I am expecting it back any day, I’ve still not got it. So for this weekend’s HLP I used a compact camera I bought for filming, a Lumix G7. It’s great for video, but the manual settings for photos are limited and the photos aren’t as crisp as an SLR would produce.

I wish I could say something profound about my day using it, like how it taught me to get back to the basics of photography, or that it challenged me to think about light more, but it really didn’t. It just made me think of the days before I had an SLR when I had no control over the settings and everything I shot in low light had motion blur.

I’ve talked before about my desire to buy a mirrorless camera and it is still something I intend to do (particularly so I can take it to the beach next time!!) however it needs to be a camera (like this) with a wide range of easy accessible manual controls otherwise it’ll just cause me endless frustration.

So anyway, on with our day. Jim was here for the start of it, but disappeared at lunchtime for a business trip, so whilst Alice was having her lunchtime nap Theo and I spent some time working on his memory quilt which is made out of all the t-shirts he’s outgrown… and then suddenly it was dark…and then I really really missed my SLR and prime lens!


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