Home photography HomeLife Project – December (shooting mirrorless)

HomeLife Project – December (shooting mirrorless)

by Clare Mansell
HomeLife Project – December (shooting mirrorless)

In last month’s Home Life Project post you may remember me saying that I was without my DSLR as it had been in for repair for a month, well I did get it back for a couple of days and then it went straight back in for repair again! So this month not only was I without my DSLR again but I was also without Jim (away on a work trip) and it was the darkest, most uninspiring time of year too… Ho hey…

However every cloud has a silver liming and after nearly two months without my DSLR I have been learning to embrace my compact light-weight Panasonic mirrorless camera (which I initially bought for filming). Last week I bought a cheap (50mm equivalent) prime lens for it which has transformed my shooting experience. Though I was fairly unimpressed with it in November, I have to say that today it’s really done a pretty good job and it’s much much more portable than the SLR.

Atfer many years of searching I think I have actually found a camera that I am happy to travel with instead of lugging round a load of heavy professional camera gear…. I’d be interested to know what you think of the photos too.

And one final thing if you are wondering…… that purple thing on my supper plate…. Purple sweet potato! Style over substance, it actually doesn’t taste that great.

So last one of 2017, who is hanging on in there?

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My Two Mums December 5, 2017 - 1:40 pm

Thank you for inspiring me for another year 🙂


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