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Me & Mine – November

by Clare Mansell
Me & Mine – November

As you may have seen me mention a few times before, I’ve been without my DSLR since mid-October as it’s been in for repair… twice! If I’d known I’d be spending two months (and counting) without it I might have put some sort of back-up plan into action, but like so many of these things it’s dragged on on a week by week basis, driving me increasingly mad!

So, November’s Me & Mine was taken with an iPhone, propped up on a rock on a sand dune on a very cold and windy day…

It’s at times like this that I have to remind myself that it’s not about creating a perfect family photo, but capturing a record of your family at a certain point in time. We’ve managed to collect some really great family portraits this year by taking part in the Me & Mine project and it was always bound to be the case that some would be less good than others…

So this is what we were loving in November…



That Bella the Beagle seems to be on the mend
Getting rid of the tree stump in the garden
The news about her parent’s new house
Finally having a post-swim lunch at Goodwood
My new Kenwood Chef XL


Seeing everyone in the Le Boat TV ad
Theo’s great report from school
A work trip to Spain



Watching Blue Planet II
PJ Day and Home Clothes day at school
Rollerskating at Florence’s party
Making cupcakes



Running round the house shouting “Tiger” and hiding
Watching Raa Raa on iPlayer
Jumping in puddles
Building camps with the sofa cushions


The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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