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Making Christmas crackers from scratch

by Clare Mansell
Making Christmas crackers from scratch

I’ve been filling my own crackers for years, after I finally got tired of sweeping the Christmas lunch table clear of unwanted (no matter how ‘luxury’) cracker gifts, but this year I decided to take it a step further and make the crackers from scratch. Even empty crackers cost nearly £1 each and although I often bought them for half that price in the new year sales, I thought there was an opportunity for a thrifty and unique craft project.


To make them you need..

Loo rolls
Cracker snaps (available here)
Pages of magazines ( I used delicious magazine!)
Ribbons or ties to secure the ends (I saved mine from last year’s crackers)
Contents (I added a mini Green & Blacks bar, a quiz question and a scratch card / wooden animal)
Cutting board and craft knife
Tissue paper to make hats (optional)

The template and cutting part although a faff is required so the crackers can concertina where you tie them, without using a template the ends of the crackers collapse and the snap can’t pull properly.

I looked at several tutorials online, some which were overly complicated, others where the template didn’t fit (grrr!) and eventually I made my own template based on this one, but I had to add half the width again to get it to fit round the loo roll and I also shortened each loo roll by about a centimetre.

Making mistakes as I went along was the most time consuming part, once I had a system sorted the cutting and filling was actually quite speedy. Theo enjoyed the process so much that he made a few himself (without the cutting) to give to friends at school instead of cards.

I ordered some tiny card luggage labels weeks ago for the names, but they haven’t arrived yet, so I used sticky labels instead as I needed to keep track of who got which quiz question!

Homemade crackers are definitely going to become a part of our family Christmas tradition in future!

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