Me & Mine – December

Hurray! I’ve made it to the end of the year and we have 12 family photos (some of which I even quite like!) to look back on. I’m definitely going to be including this project in my photographic calendar for next year, along with a couple of other photo prompts.  It’s easy to think that you’ll just take photos anyway without the motivation of a project, but I’ve had some big periods of photographic drought this year when work has overtaken everything else, or when my camera was in repair for two and a half months (and counting) so I do definitely need it!

On the very boring subject of my SLR repair. It developed a fault at the beginning of October, got sent away to a Nikon repair centre, was assessed, repaired, sent back, fault resurfaced again (within days when I took it out for a shoot!!) back to the repair place, assessed, part ordered, part fitted… and hopefully any day, it will be back at the camera shop it was sent from.  I haven’t been charged any extra for the part and I have also been offered a partial refund. Its prolonged absence has forced me to embrace the potential of my lightweight Panasonic mirrorless camera (which I bought for filming) and so although immensely frustrating it hasn’t been all bad.

This month we have been loving…



Turkey and bread sauce sandwiches (before Christmas!!)
Being at home (and “counting the days till he goes back to work” !!)
Christmas excitement
Good food and wine
Dad coming to visit



Finally running a sub-30 minute 5km
Panettone and/or Christmas cake
Having everyone at home for two weeks
My Johnnie B Christmas jumper
Beef Wellington for Christmas lunch



His fossil digging kit from Ma Ma & Grumps
Having Grandpa Al come to visit
Blue Planet II
Meeting Baby Ben and going to his Christening
Looking at the encyclopedia that he got for Christmas



Jumping in puddles
Yorkshire puddings
Going on “adventures”
Taking her socks off
Topsy & Tim on Cbeebies
Saying “That’s nice!” every time she tries a new food


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