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How Blogtacular 2015 changed everything and why I’m going back…

by Clare Mansell
How Blogtacular 2015 changed everything and why I’m going back…

A couple of days ago I booked a ticket for Blogtacular 2018. It’s taken me a while to realise it, but attending Blogtacular in 2015 turned out to be a pivotal event in my recent working life. Three out of four of the clients I work with regularly came about as a result of advice or contacts I made at Blogtacular two years ago and that one day in London even lead to my parents buying a house!

However I’ve chosen not to attend for the last two years because I became a bit fixated on the increased ticket price, the fact the conference wasn’t quite as socially easy as Britmums (everyone is spectacularly cool at Blogtacular and I don’t know as many of them) and because frankly it has taken me a bit of time to sit back and appreciate the big trees that grew from small acorns.

There were two small, but big moments for me in 2015. The first came during a question and answer session hosted by a panel of experts including a representative from Thomson holidays. At the time Thomson were actively scouting for half a dozen bloggers to work with them the following year and the conference was buzzing with people desperate to have their 2 minutes to pitch their ideas to them. I was a bit blinded by the offer of these collaborations as being the only goal and when I pitched (not the best or most exciting idea) and failed to get one of the gigs, I felt like I had missed out.

Image courtesy of Mollie Makes

However in the Q&A that Thomson attended, they had already given a single piece of advice which would not only lead to three blogging holidays for me, but also two long-term client collaborations and ultimately my parents new house! What was the advice? It was obvious and simple and it wouldn’t do it any justice to share it here out of the context of the Q&A, but the important bit is that the things they shared in that room were insightful and memorable and two and a half years later I am still putting them in to practice.

The second big moment was meeting a sponsor of the event who were handing out samples related to one of their creative products. I took one of their samples and then after the event bought one of their products to use it with. A few months later, away from the conference, I met someone who asked me if I had ever used that type of product. I was able to say yes and as a result was introduced to their client who sold a similar thing. Initially I did a blogger collaboration for them and now two years later, I’m still working for them as a creative freelancer. In fact I do more work for the company than the guy who introduced me to them does!

So when the tickets were released last week I held my breath, ignored the price and hit “buy now” because I know that spending that £150 will ultimately pay dividends many many times over.

This year Blogtacular are running an affiliate scheme for bloggers which means those who have bought tickets can earn a small amount of their ticket price back if they refer others to the conference. If you buy a ticket as a result of reading this post, please use the referral code “maybushstudio” or click on the image below…


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Christian Torres January 4, 2018 - 7:48 pm

Hey! It’s Christian here from what was Thomson, now TUI. I’m desperate to know what my pearl of wisdom was! Whatever it was I’m glad it helped you along in your blogging adventures. ????

Karen January 8, 2018 - 1:15 pm

I am considering going this year but haven’t booked yet. My last experience of a blogging event wasn’t great and my confidence was knocked but watch this space ????


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