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Love Fibres collaboration

by Clare Mansell
Love Fibres collaboration

Knitting is a craft I’ve never tried to embrace, as I know I lack the patience (and probably the skill too) to put in the hours to see a project through, but I’ve always admired those who can knit and when I was introduced to Julie of Love Fibres via Instagram, I couldn’t resist the opportunity for a collaboration.

lovefibres_bobblehat-3Julie sells knitting patterns for hats (pattern making is another skill I’m in awe of!) and was looking for a few bloggers and content creators to take photos of their mini models wearing knitted samples so she could use the images on her Etsy listings.

lovefibres_bobblehat-55/365Julie sent me two very different hats to photograph and I quickly discovered that my wilful two year-old is not quite the easy compliant model that her brother was (!!) but as stubborn as she might be, she’s also pretty smart and she quickly cottoned on to the concept of bribery… so we got there in the end, even if I did have to discard a few photos where she was chewing sweets!


These photos weren’t taken on my usual camera. The bobble hats were photographed using a mirrorless Panasonic Lumix G7X which I bought for filming and the teal hat was photographed using my sister’s (spare) crop-frame Nikon D7000… as you might have gathered, my own DSLR is still away being repaired (3 months and counting) but lets not talk about that!

You can find Love Fibres Etsy store here.

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